Sit, stay…breathbones!

“Gypsy and Jasper waiting for the cue for their Breathbones. Thank you, v-dog!”

Joanne Bouchard


Proud to be a v-dog

“I brought home a bag of V-Dog for my pooch, Maisie, from the Cleveland Vegfest and she’s already proud to show off her status as a V-Dog! Thanks for coming to Cleveland!” Courtney Turcer

Honey’s Favorite Food

“Honey always wants to make certain we have plenty of V-dog on hand!” Merritt Smith

Is it dinner time?

“Murphy couldnt wait to tear into his first bag of V-dog! He loves it!” Cordia Christopher Popp


So I received the first 30 lb bag of v-dog food that I ordered, and all I can say is I will forever be buying this dog food for my dogs. All 4 of my dogs(all rescue muts) went crazy for it. I had to move the bag quickly because one of my dogs was becoming territorial over the bag after she had her first bowl of it. I am vegan, and happy that my dogs are vegan now too. This product is amazing, from the quality ingredients, to the 100% compostable bag. This dog food is not only healthy for my dogs, but for the environment as well, and that I am grateful for. Thank you for all your dedication in making such an amazing product. For anyone out there that isn’t sure if your meat eating dogs will enjoy this food, I can honestly say my four dogs are now happily vegan. Kim Jordan

Dramatic improvement for 13 year old Buffy

“The vet has just been round to give Buffy a check up and she was absolutely amazed at how well he is considering he will be 14 next birthday. She was happily surprised by his excellent muscle tone which she believed to have improved dramatically. A BIG change to the last time she saw him when we thought we were on a downward spiral. His skin was in a terrible state, he smelt dreadful, he was lethargic, stiff and in pain. I was giving him Metacam (doggie aspirin) daily. Since he started his new regime he no longer needs any meds. I honestly believe it is because we now have him on a vegan diet -V-Dog – and I add coconut oil and veggie pulp from our morning juices. Lying down behind you can see my retired racing greyhound who also loves his V-Dog. I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found you!” Tisha Bryant

No more arthritis or pain for Bullseye

“Our vegan v-dogs. Bullseye is on right. Ginger is approximately 18 years old (middle), and we feel sure she is alive today due to the vegan switch in late 2010. Severe arthritis in the hind quarters often spells the end for an American Bulldog. His X-rays showed severe decay, and he would tremble in pain. This was the case with Bullseye, and he was prescribed a dangerous synthetic med for treatment. This was almost three years ago. At that time, I threw out the med and put him on a healthy vegan diet that included V-Dog. Today, Bullseye is completely arthritis free. The vets are mystified. Thankfully, we are not. Just happy, healthy, and thankful. Now Bullseye, Jake, Ginger, and the whole family are thriving and enjoying life the vegan way. Thanks for your product! A loyal customer since 2011, and far into the future we hope!” Todd DeMartinis

Goodbye to medications and to hip pain

“Phoenix was taking anti-inflamatories twice a day for constant hip pain. We switched her to V-dog at the urging of a couple of persistent friends (Jeanne and Larry Kaiser) and we are so glad we did! Within a week, Phoenix no longer had pain and now she jumps into the back of our Subaru Forester like a dog years younger. As a matter of fact, she could never do that before. In six months, she has had no need of medication and is active and healthy at 9 1/2 years old. I tell everyone I meet about V-dog! We even took a bag to our vet! Thank you for this amazing product. I feel like you’ve given me another five years with the best dog in the world.” Danielle Bussone

Fountain of youth Fountain of youth

Thank you SO much V-dog!!! This is our 11-year old boxer, Emma-boo-boo — she’s had SO many health issues and we have tried her on EVERY kind of food (truly) — BUT since we switched to v-dog (at the beginning of this year), her health has improved LEAPS and BOUNDS! Your food has improved her quality of LIFE drastically — it’s been an amazing thing to watch — the RIGHT food makes ALL the difference — she has so much more YOUTHFULNESS and BOUNCE…and NO more tummy troubles at ALL! Thank you thank you thank you — we LOVE YOU V-dog! xoxo Love, **Emma-boo-boo & Co** Susie Marino
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