v-planet (Dog Food & Treats)


So I received the first 30 lb bag of v-dog food that I ordered, and all I can say is I will forever be buying this dog food for my dogs. All 4 of my dogs(all rescue muts) went crazy for it. I had to move the bag quickly because one of my dogs was becoming territorial over the bag after she had her first bowl of it. I am vegan, and happy that my dogs are vegan now too. This product is amazing, from the quality ingredients, to the 100% compostable bag. This dog food is not only healthy for my dogs, but for the environment as well, and that I am grateful for. Thank you for all your dedication in making such an amazing product. For anyone out there that isn’t sure if your meat eating dogs will enjoy this food, I can honestly say my four dogs are now happily vegan. Kim Jordan

Is it dinner time?

“Murphy couldnt wait to tear into his first bag of V-dog! He loves it!” Cordia Christopher Popp

Honey’s Favorite Food

“Honey always wants to make certain we have plenty of V-dog on hand!” Merritt Smith

Proud to be a v-dog

“I brought home a bag of V-Dog for my pooch, Maisie, from the Cleveland Vegfest and she’s already proud to show off her status as a V-Dog! Thanks for coming to Cleveland!” Courtney Turcer

Sit, stay…breathbones!

“Gypsy and Jasper waiting for the cue for their Breathbones. Thank you, v-dog!”

Joanne Bouchard


Super Fresh Kibble!

“We just received our first order of V-Dog, the smell is the first thing we noticed. It smells fresh and not a hint of rancid odor like our other vegetarian brand. Ryder & Enzo love it, thanks so much!” Tracy Phipps

Frankie has tons of energy

“11-year-old Frankie loves his V-Dog! He’s been vegetarian on and off since I adopted him 7 years ago. Now he’s vegan for good! He gobbles up his kibble, has tons of energy, and (ahem) “clean up” is better too. Good in, good out!” Jean White

Three rescues love their v-dog!

“The first order arrived a few weeks ago my three rescue dogs Ostia (German Sheppard, lab mix) Pinta (pit bull mix), Boox (lab, mastiff mix) and I stepped out to our backyard to take some pictures, this was one of my favorite pictures. All three really love their V-dog and I am so thankful that the product is available!” Gloria Carbajal

V-dogs since 2012

“Thought you might like a couple more representatives for V-dog. These two are our V-dogs, Zoey on your left, and Zeek on your right. They are both very happy and healthy members of our vegan family. They have been eating V-dog for about a year now, and they Love it! :)”

George Correia

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