v-planet (Dog Food & Treats)

Wylbur – Before & After

“Wylbur used to have really bad allergies but since we started giving him V-Dog everything changed for good! His skin got better and his hair got soft and shinier. The best part is that he never had another allergy episode again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Fiorella Lewis

Piggy’s remarkable recovery

“I found Piggy as an injured puppy in the Dominican Republic (top before pic) on a volunteer veterinary campaign. He was almost dead; he was hit by a bus a month before we found him and he never got veterinary care until our team got there. I named him Piggy because he had no hair so he looked like a piglet. He still had his injured leg but there was almost nothing left of it. We were able to save his life by performing surgery right away and amputating the devastated leg. I adopted him and brought my new tripod dog back to the US. But he wasn’t getting much better in the US. In fact, his hair was still sparse, and he was inflamed all over. We went to vets again and again trying to find out what was making him so ill. We checked him over for allergic bug bites but never found evidence he had any parasites since coming to the US. Finally, I changed him to a vegan diet, and eventually put him on a purely v-dog diet. His recovery was remarkable. His skin recovered, his inflammation ended, and his hair started to grow fluffy and healthy all over. He tripled in size and grew muscular enough to outrun most four legged dogs (bottom after pic). He looked so good on his vegan diet, that he began a modeling career. Photographers like to use him for sitting poses because they can show off logos and designer clothes patterns more on his side that’s missing a leg, so it does not get in the way of the fashion pics.” Tod Emko

No More Urinary Infections & Itch Free

“Beatrice is licking her lips in anticipation for her V-dog dinner tonight! Beatrice was always sick with urinary infections. She also had awful skin issues where she would lose patches of fur and would constantly need steroids to stop the itching. Not one symptom since she started V-dog almost a year ago now. We have never seen her hair so thick and curly as it is now, thank you!” Jennifer Dashiell Alder

Riggins’ Amazing Recovery: No More Tremors

“I wanted to write you and thank you for the amazing products you sell. We have already placed our second double order of your dog kibble and expect to be making many more purchases in the future. A few months ago, one of our dogs, Riggins started having these bizarre fits where only his head would start to shake. At first we were concerned that he might be having seizures, but after tons of research and visits to the vet we have concluded that he suffers from idiopathic head tremors. From what we’ve read about them they are likely harmless to the dog but do produce a sense of stress and confusion for them. It absolutely broke our hearts watching him experience these tremors. He always looked so scared and helpless. It was getting so bad that he was having multiple tremors a day (usually at night while he was dozing off). Well!! I am over-the-moon ecstatic to say that since starting on your food, Riggins has yet to have another tremor. Not one! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our (and Riggins’) hearts. Your product gave us our healthy boys back and we are comforted to know that they will be around for many, many, more years to come ♥” Melissa Charlton

Grain allergies & animal product allergies licked

“My Pit Bull Mina has suffered from food allergies most of her life. The allergies are so severe that she’s been admitted to the emergency hospital multiple times for internal bleeding. She has been on every diet under the sun – low-grade kibble, super premium kibble, single-ingredient, raw meat, home-cooked meat-based, and even a home-made vegan diet. With allergies to certain animal products and common grains, it’s been difficult finding the perfect diet. I tried V-dog after I learned they didn’t use wheat, gluten, corn, or soy (she’s allergic to wheat & soy). After a few weeks on V-dog, Mina’s health improved. She had normal poop, her muscle tone improved, and she is truly enjoying her food where before she would barely eat. She’s nearly 15 and I can thank V-dog for helping keep her young at heart.” Marji Beach
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