Sustainable Dog Food

If you’re a dog owner who really cares about the environment, you’re going to love the range of sustainable dog food and dog treats available from ethical brand Navyaz.

As vegans and dog lovers, we wanted to supply a range of sustainable pet food Australia-wide, that’s been produced in line with our ethics and vision. And, that’s why we’ve chosen to supply V-Dog vegan dog food online in Australia, as we believe it’s the best sustainable dog food Australia has available.

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The best sustainable dog food Australia has available

To meet our strict criteria for sustainable pet food, V-Dog not only had to be free from any animal products, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, fair trade and sustainable, but it had to taste good too. A tall order you may think? But V-Dog meets all these criteria and more. It’s simply one of the best sustainable dog foods on the market today.

But don’t just take our word for it. Buy V-Dog online in Australia from us, and let your dog make the decision. We guarantee that they’re going to love it.

No animal products, no nasty’s, no fillers and no fake stuff

There are many reasons why V-Dog sustainable pet food is good for the planet and good for your dog. For starters, there are no animal products in the food whatsoever, just 100% organic plant food goodness. There’s no wheat, no corn, no soy and it’s entirely gluten free.

Plus, it contains everything your dog needs to look and feel good, from amino acids to vitamins and minerals. And despite having no meat content at all, there’s still a good dose of protein, 24% to be exact, that will more than meet the needs of your dog.

It’s perfect for dogs who have problems with allergies, digestive issues or sensitive skin, plus it comes with a veterinarian’s recommendation as an ideal food for all kinds of dogs.

The greenest sustainable dog kibble in Australia

There’s no doubt about it. When you buy our green sustainable dog kibble, it will fast become your dog’s favourite food, and you can feel satisfied that you’re doing your bit for the planet and the environment too.

You can purchase V-Dog sustainable dog food online from our e-store or from one of the stockists in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Auckland, New Zealand.

Contact Navyaz- your sustainable dog food suppliers at the all heart vegan mart

Navyaz specialses for Vegan Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, Natural Dog Food, Meat Free Dog Food, Cruelty Free Dog Food & Kibble Dog Food in Australia & Newzealand. If you have any questions about our sustainable pet foods and dog treats, or any of the ethical pet products we sell, simply get in touch with us by emailing

And don’t forget to join us on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+, where you’ll find all our latest news, special offers and more. We’d love you to become part of the Navyaz family.

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