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Never Any: Animal Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Gluten, Factory Farming, By Products, Fake Stuff, Fillers.

Vegan Dog Food & Treats Australia

If you’re a committed vegan or vegetarian and you’re looking for the best vegan dog food Australia has available, you and your dog are going to love v-planet from Navyaz. As vegans and dog-lovers ourselves, we’ve sourced possibly the best vegan dog food on the market today, and it’s available here online or via our Australia and New Zealand stockists. v-planet vegan dog food is not just 100% plant based, 100% cruelty free and animal free, but it’s got a delicious taste that your dog will love. + Read More

Buy vegan dog food online from a company that loves dogs and the planet

As vegans ourselves, we really care about keeping the planet healthy and safe. That’s why we’re pleased to be able to offer the dog population of Australia and New Zealand a vegetarian dog food that’s made from 100% plant products, such as brown rice, dried peas, lentils, quinoa, millet and flaxseed. And if you’re wondering whether dogs can survive on such a diet, researchers at universities in both California and Sweden have confirmed that they can not only digest vegan food, but that they can positively thrive, if the food contains all the necessary nutritional requirements.

Say hello to vegan dog food, and goodbye to soy, corn, wheat, gluten, fillers and fake stuff

When you choose to feed your pooch v-planet you can be sure that your dog’s food won’t contain any animal products, wheat, soy, gluten, wheat, fake stuff or fillers. Just lots of healthy plant based ingredients. This makes our vegan kibble easy to digest, unlikely to cause any sensitivity and, as it contains 24% protein and contains all the amino acids, minerals and vitamins your dog needs to stay healthy, it’s one of the healthiest vegan dog foods on the market.

Give your dog the diet it deserves with vegan dog food and vegan dog treats too

At Navyaz, we’ve not only made it easy to buy vegan dog food, but to buy vegan dog treats too. Choose from our v-planet Breathbones, which will make your doggy wag their tail with delight as they crunch into the plant-powered doggy treats, and leave their breath smelling fresh too. Or how about some of our tasty Wiggle Biscuits with added peanut butter? They’re packed with the kind of organic goodness your furry friend deserves to stay happy and healthy. Our vegan dog food and dog treats are available to buy online, or via stockists in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Auckland, New Zealand.

Get in touch with us here at Navyaz – the all heart vegan mart

Navyaz specialses for Sustainable Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, Natural Dog FoodMeat Free Dog Food, Cruelty Free Dog Food & Kibble Dog Food in Australia & Newzealand. If you have any questions about our vegan dog foods and dog treats, or any of our doggy products, simply email us at info@navyaz.com.au Alternatively, join us on social media and connect via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+, for all the latest news from the Navyaz family. - Read Less

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V-Planet Mini Bites

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I am so impressed with the quality and range of the ingredients in the product. My pekingese absolutely adores this kibble - just the right size bites. Now our whole family is vegan!

My fussy dog loves this product

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My dog doesn't eat dog treats and has never eaten kibble until we tried this product which he scoffs down. It is so good to be able to feed my dog healthy food with no animals products or native animals like our kangaroo. I feel better, my dog thrives and hopefully less animals will be harmed. I am disappointed that shops like Pet-O and local vets (who I have asked to stock your product) don't seemvery switched on. I will just keep asking for your product.

Really good dog food

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Our dogs (2x 20kg kelpies) are both very high energy and haven’t missed a beat since being switched over to V-Dog. We used to use another brand of vegan kibble but the cheap wheat filler product gave my younger dog tummy upset. He is good as ever on V-Dog though, and the dogs love the taste so we are very happy. They eat about 2.5-3 cups each per day to maintain weight. Would recommend to anyone considering feeding their dog vegan, you won’t regret it!