Natural Dog Food

Are you looking for an all-natural dog food for your dog?

Do you prefer to buy natural dog food rather than some of the more processed varieties?

Is it important for you to know that your dog’s food is cruelty free?

If so, you’re going to love the natural dog food available from Navyaz. It’s not only 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and safe for the environment, but it’s the best natural dog food Australia has available.

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Buy natural dog food online at Navyaz, the all heart vegan mart

As vegans and dog lovers ourselves, we’ve made it our aim to source and supply a range of ethical, vegan pet products, including the best natural dog food on the market. Formulated in California, V-Dog dog food is made from 100% natural plant products, without any animal ingredients, soy, gluten, wheat, fillers or other fake stuff that’s often found in inferior dog foods.

Our natural dog foods contain 24% plant based protein, with all the natural goodness of lentils, quinoa, millet, flaxseeds, dried peas and brown rice, and as they have all the amino acids, minerals and vitamins a dog needs to be healthy and strong, are recommended by veterinarians.

The all-natural dog food your dog will love

And just in case you were wondering whether your doggy can remain fit and healthy eating a plant-based diet, you’ll be pleased to know that researchers have shown that dogs can thrive on plants alone, as long as the combination of plant based ingredients provides all the nutrients they require.

With V-Dog natural dog foods, you can be sure that your dog will be getting exactly what it needs and more, all together in a great tasting natural dog food your dog is going to love.

Supplement your dog’s diet with healthy, all-natural dog treats from V-Dog

We’re sure that just like us, you like to give your doggy a doggy treat every now and then. And so we know you’re going to love the fact that V-Dog also make the best natural dog treats on the market.

Choose from fresh-tasting Breathbones which give your dog zingy cinnamon scented breath or peanut butter flavoured Wiggle biscuits, which are packed to bursting with organic goodness, and you can be sure that your dog will be delighted with their treats, and so will you.

You can buy your natural dog food and all-natural dog treats online from us here at Navyaz, or via stockists in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Auckland, New Zealand.

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