Meat Free Dog Food

Are you a committed vegetarian or vegan who prefers your dog to eat meat free dog food? Does your dog suffer from dietary ailments, especially when they eat dog food containing animal products?

Whatever your reason for wanting to feed your dog non-meat dog food, you’re going to love the meat free kibble available from Navyaz, Australia’s ethical and vegan pet food suppliers.

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As vegans and dog lovers ourselves, we’ve made it our aim to bring the best meat free dog food to Australia, via our online store and stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

100% plant based, 100% cruelty free, meat free dog food

Made by Californian brand, V-Dog, our meat free dog food really is something else. Its 100% plant based formula provides 24% protein content, together with all the amino acids, minerals and vitamins your dog needs to remain healthy, active and full of energy.

Bursting with dried peas, brown rice, lentils, quinoa, millet, flaxseed, sunflower hearts, oats and more, this is one meat free dog food that doesn’t skimp on quality or essential ingredients.

And, as it’s completely free of animal products, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, fillers and any kind of fake stuff, it’s the perfect all-round food for dogs who suffer from allergies or digestive problems.

Give your dog the quality meat free kibble it deserves, together with meat free dog treats

While our meat free kibble is a complete meal in itself, we know that most doggy lovers love to spoil their precious pooch with a doggy treat or two. So you’ll be happy to know that we also offer meat free dog treats from V-Dog.

Once again, these are packed full of organic plant goodness, and are completely environmentally friendly too. Whether you choose our tasty peanut butter flavour Wiggle biscuits, the fresh smelling and aptly named Breathbones or you throw caution to the wind and buy both, your dog will love you forever when you give them meat free dog treats from V-Dog.

You can buy our meat free dog food and meat free dog treats online in Australia, or from stockists in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Auckland, New Zealand.

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Navyaz specialses for Vegan Dog Food, Kibble Dog Food, Natural Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, Cruelty Free Dog Food & Sustainable Dog Food in Australia & Newzealand. If you have any questions or need advice about any of our meat free dog foods or organic dog treats, or indeed any of our ethical doggy products, simply email us at

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We’d love you to become part of the Navyaz family and learn more about how we source our ethical and sustainable doggy products.  

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