Packing 24% protein, our 100% plant based formula is loaded with super foods and the perfect balance of essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals, your dog needs to thrive. Pooch tested and planet approved, its the healthiest dog food on the market

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Best Healthy Dog Foods Australia

If you care about the health of your dog, you’ll care about giving them the very best dog food possible. At Navyaz, we’re vegan and we love dogs and so we wanted to offer a healthy dog food that not only does your dog good and is 100% cruelty free, but that’s extremely tasty too.

That’s why we’ve chosen to stock V-Dog, a Californian-made vegan dog food, that’s good for the canine population, and good for the planet. We think it’s some of the best dog food Australia has available, but don’t just take our word for it. Buy it for your precious pooch and see what they have to say.

Why is V-Dog the best dog food in Australia?

As committed vegans, we believe that V-Dog is the best dog food to buy for your dog because it’s made from 100% plant products such as dried peas, brown rice, lentils, sunflower hearts, flaxseed, quinoa and millet, and contains nothing that’s been shown to irritate or cause sensitivity in dogs.

Free from animal products, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, fake stuff and fillers, V-Dog kibble is easy to digest, and extremely moreish too.

Despite being 100% plant based, our vegan dog foods still pack a massive 24% of protein, and contain all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals your doggy needs for optimum health, and to stay strong and athletic.

Pooch tested, veterinarian recommended and planet friendly, it’s the grrrreenest kibble on the market, and we guarantee that once your dog has tasted it, they will be begging for more.

And if you’re wondering whether dogs can be healthy if they eat a vegan diet. Research from universities in Californian and Sweden has shown that dogs thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet, just as long as all the necessary nutrient requirements are met.

Give your dog healthy dog foods from a dog food company that really cares

Our aim is to be a totally new kind of dog food company. We set up to source and distribute not just healthy dog foods, but other ethical doggy products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We want to leave a much smaller paw print on Mother Earth, and so all our products are environmentally friendly, fair trade and sustainable, and come direct from manufacturers and producers that share our vision.

Our vegan dog food is available online for delivery Australia-wide or at collection depots across Australia, or you can buy it from stockists in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Auckland, New Zealand.

Get in touch with us here at Navyaz – the all heart vegan mart

Navyaz specialses for Vegan Dog Food, Kibble Dog Food, Natural Dog Food, Cruelty Free Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, Meat Free Dog Food & Sustainable Dog Food in Australia & Newzealand. If you have any questions about our vegan dog foods and dog treats, or indeed any of the products we sell, simply get in touch with us by emailing

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